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With 20+ years of experience both in senior management positions and internal and external consultancy roles, the W7 consultant, while assessing your business quickly, can accompany you in your most important business decisions and developments, drawing on his deep experience in a wide range of industrial enterprises on a worldwide basis.

W7 can provide you with a personal sparring partner who understands your concerns, a senior resource who can confront his structured and objective analysis of your operations with your internal views, as well as deploy validated tools to improve performance.

W7 provides support in particular in the following areas, crucial to the performance of your company or business unit:

  • Strategy
  • Productivity
  • Organization
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Commercial, sales and business activities

With an Engineering and Business background, Vincent Werbrouck has evolved since 10 years in Commercial & Operational leadership functions, with P&L at Group Executive Committee level, for an industrial international based company of 600M€ turnover.

Being exposed as member of Executive Committee to different types of owners such as a family, private equity and international industrial holding has given him the flexibility and the understanding of these situations.

The worldwide experience, the 4 years presence in USA and the multi-cultural team management experience give him the ability to grab international business situations such as business development, acquisitions and divestitures, re‐organizations and restructuring, as well as running business optimization.

Inspirational business leader, focused on team building and people development, setting challenging targets, holding people accountable and communicating effectively make him a right partner for management teams as a leader or a coach.

Through the professional experiences but also through his private cursus as a skipper (Transatlantic crossing and many other cruises), Vincent has developed clear skills for project management and people leadership.

Strong business acumen, highly results oriented, driven by business development through customer acquisition and innovative solutions implementation will bring a practical and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Prior to establishing W7, Vincent held senior leadership positions and director positions in companies that includes Slegten sa, Magotteaux Inc, Magotteaux International sa and BSB Group.


Due to the change of the environment, the new customer structure, and the competitionnew competition scheme, W7 was asked to study the global positioning of the group. Full fledge analysis was accomplished, from market analysis to internal organization assessment.

As a result, it became clear that the organization was not optimally designed to serve the market in this transformed environment. The business dynamic was different according to geographical areas.

The functional organization had to move to a geographical one in order to address local specific issues and recreate a clear profitability by empowering the local management teams and create an entrepreneurship spirit.

W7 subsequently developed, with the client, a detailed action plan to successfully address these weaknesses.

W7 was requested to participate to the whole sales process of the company with a specific focus on the business activities by developping and quantifying a business plan with the sales team.

This resulted in the change of owner going from a European Private Equity to an South-American industrial holding.

W7 was asked to help to turn around the activity of the North American business of a specialty company that had a negative profitabilty. 700 headcount, 4 production sites (Canada, USA, Mexico), based in Nashville, TN, USA with a turnover of 90 M$

After a full audit of the business activity and the 4 manufacturing facilities, a plan was developed with the local team which has materialized with the following actions :

  • Restructuring of the operations by reducing white collars.
  • Put in place of a new management team.
  • Sold the Boston activity through MBO.
  • Developed one branch of the business by doubling the volume of sales.
  • Negotiated and implemented a partnership with an OEM for the North American Utility business.
  • Reduced SG&A by reorganizing staff function and sales teams and moving the North American HQ.
  • Focus on the profitability by customer and product.

This resulted in a profitable growth of business by going from 90 M$ to 150 M$ with a Gross Margin of 20% in a 4 years time period.

W7 was asked to integrate the activities of a company acquired by a Belgian group. The acquired entity was specialized in process consultancy, R&D and engineering in the comminution field for extractive industries.

The mission results materialized in

  • In the mining business by : Developed (1) a technical supporting team for the sales in South America (2) a plan in RSA with the Anglo American Group (3) a collaboration with an Australian university and (4) leveraged the technical mining resources spread around the world
  • In the aggregate business : created a department to support the crushing process
  • In the cement business: reorganized the technical field support
  • Created a worldwide pool of resources and a « competency one stop support » for all the businesses and areas.
  • Moved the engineering branch to the group

After the acquisition of a group by a Private Equity Company, W7 was asked to change and improve the sales branch due to the market globalization and the lack of profitability of the activity.

The activity consisted of mainly 4 different businesses serving worldwide customers located on all continents. 500 M€ sales made with a team of 235 people.

Several actions have been developed and put in place with the support of the team.

  • Reorganized the sales team, by customer segments instead of geography
  • Developed a new pricing process
  • Led a Sales Force Effectiveness project to reduce cost by 15% and increase margin by 7%
  • Developed the mining activity through new technology (from 20,000 t to 50,000 t in a new market segment)
  • Started a lean approach for the sales process, developed a customer technical database, and set up an engineering office in Asia (Shanghai and Bangkok)
  • Implemented a CRM system and a global training program

Due to the comoditization of the products from the market and the pressure from the competition, W7 was asked to study and put in place an Innovation approach. By transforming the R&D spirit to a customer Innovation centric process.

A full audit of the Innovation process has been accomplished by W7 bringing a clear action plan to be put in place.

W7 subsequently developed, with the client, a detailed action plan to successfully turn around the approach.

  • Implemented new Innovation processes (stage-gate, reporting, portfolio management, communication, management tools, innovation team)
  • Reorganized the R&D team (Transversal projects, multifunctional teams), 40 headcounts.
  • Rationalised Project portfolio, 9 new projects started with a 13 M€ additional EBITDA potential, introduced 2 new competencies (simulation and new material design). Most projects developed with an external partner.
  • Target objective of the Innovation department is to have on a recurring basis, 20 M€ EBITDA coming from the initiatives launched during the last 5 years.

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